navaja con triguero y fondo cítrico

Razor Clams with Green Asparagus and Citrus Dressing


  • 1 tin of fresh razor clams.
  • 4 large green asparagus.
  • Citricus dressing (1 dl water, 50 gr sugar, 20 gr lemon juice, 20 gr lime juice,
    15 gr mandarin orange juice, soy sauce, wasabi)

Preparation of the recipe:

Set aside several large, whole razor clams.

Using a mandolin slicer, finely cut the asparagus lengthwise, blanch in boiling water, and cool imme- diately with ice water. Set aside.

Mix the liquids together and dress with the soy sauce and wasabi to taste. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and chill.

Finishing touches and presentation:

Cover the base of the bowls with the citrus dressing, add a handful of asparagus and a razor clam. Finish the dish with a mint leaf.

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